one be stonemaster. others be tribe.

use stones. four sides.

find shelter, food, water. keep fire.
protect tribe.


say hunter name.

choose one:

strong (hit, lift, run long)
deft (throw, jump, run quick, climb, ambush)
wise (smell, craft, talk, trade, heal, fire)

choose one: wood-weapon, stone-tools, heal-herbs.
one four-side-stone each.

hunters have four bloods.

when hard

roll one stone.
skill or item, one more, keep high.
when harder, one less.
when no stone left, roll two, keep low.

one: very bad. take blood, items break, danger.
two: hunter not do it.
three: hunter do it.
four: very good.

when fight

attacker roll one stone. skill or item, one more.
three: one blood.
four: two bloods.

when no weapon, four: one blood.

no blood: death.


small-beast: no stone, one blood.
beast: two stones, keep low, three bloods.
other tribe hunters: one or two stones, four bloods.
big beast: one stone, four bloods.
claws and teeth: two stones, keep high, twice-four bloods.
hairy and horns: two stones, keep high, thrice-four bloods.
cold, hunger: take bloods.


rest to heal or use heal-herbs, one wound. roll wise.

shaman can give amulets. reroll once. when reroll be one, amulet doomed, danger, despair.